We are one of many tattoo shop here in Kuta. We always serve our clients the best tattoo result in a clean, professional and friendly environment.
Our shop is located in a beautiful, peaceful and quiet alley here in the heart of Kuta. Please find us on our map.
You can either bring your own tattoo design, search for one in our array of books and flash or just tell us your idea and we will draw it for you.
We have the utmost care and respect for our clients so our procedure is as follows;
  • New, sealed disposable STERILIZED Needles & tips that the Artist will have to show and after checking and confirming expiry dates.
  • Tattoo Hardware such as Guns etc are always STERILIZED on site and in state of the art, clinically approved Sterilizing Machines (you are also invited to view).
  • New ink cups, Tattoo artist gloves etc.
  • We only source TOP QUALITY Inks and vibrant pigments.  It is our view that your Tattoo should remain crisp, bright and sharp for the long term, and not just for the moment!!
For your tattoo aftercare you can read from this website link Aftercare
Please contact  us for further information